French politician commented on the vote on the amendments in Russia

The head of delegation of European politicians, French MEP Thierry Mariani called on other countries to follow the example of Russia in the organization of the process for amending the Constitution.

The delegation arrived in the Crimea on Tuesday. In was composed of nine people, including five French members of the European Parliament. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the upcoming voting process for amendments to the Constitution.

"The amendments are different, a lot of them that are important to us, for the French, what did you decide to take the destiny of their country into their own hands, it is very important to us... the Question is, who determines the future of the country, any organization or citizens who reside. In this sense, your example is very encouraging, we hope that it will show the right way for France and other European countries", - said Mariani.

In turn, a member of the delegation, Deputy in the Parliament of Berlin Gunnar Lindemann noted that in the German media sounds a lot of criticism about the vote in Russia.

"It is worth noting that the German Parliament must act decisively to change the Constitution when it suits him, not interested in the opinion of the citizens, of course, the Russian version seems to us more democratic," said Lindemann.