Tweaks: the Deputy suggested that direct state intervention in the life of the Church

State law cannot take precedence over Canon law, with its own internal control system in the Russian Orthodox Church exists, said Tuesday RIA Novosti Deputy head of the world Russian people's Council (ARNS), Advisor to the Chairman of the state Duma Alexander Shchipkov.

Earlier, the state Duma Deputy Evgeny Marchenko has announced a new priests for criminal record and mental disabilities and to create in the Church a kind of analog of division of own safety of Ministry of internal Affairs. His appeal to the Moscow Patriarchate, he sent in connection with the activities prohibited in the service of chiyoumen Sergiy (Romanov), who refused to submit to Church authority.

"If hypothetically to assume that such laws will be introduced at the state level, it would set a precedent in which the state law will take precedence over canonical norms and procedures established by the Ecumenical councils," said Pinch, who is also Deputy head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media.

According to him, the Deputy Marchenko offers to create a legal model in which the secular law will take precedence over the Church.

Speaking about the proposal Marchenko to create in the Church a kind of division of own security Tweaks drew attention to what he actually proposes to create in the Church a system of professional surveillance and supervision.

"And not just to create and consolidate the activities of this power on secular legislation. That is, the MP offers direct state intervention in the internal life of the Church, offers to put the Church under strict power control of the secular power. This body will make decisions, who can become a priest, and who cannot," said Pinch.

In this case, he said, will create "a new hybrid form of persecution of the Church." Suggestions Marchenko expert described as "incorrect in its essence," expressing hope that "having understood, he will refuse them."

Commenting on the situation with shehurina Sergiy (Romanov), Tweaks, noted that such issues are decided by the internal of the Church on the diocesan court. According to him, the problem of priest Sergiy (Romanov) is that it is "their political views tried to convert to religious rhetoric."

"Attempts to convert political rhetoric to religious preaching and occasionally Vice versa, nothing new here. But the Church's experience shows that the subjection of theology to the solution of political tasks always leads to heresy and deviation from Orthodox doctrine," concluded Tweaks.

Previously Abbot Sergius cursed all of closing the temples during a pandemic coronavirus and urged people to take to the streets to protest. The Yekaterinburg diocese has banned him from serving, but the rebel cleric has refused to obey this decision and continued his public activities and prayer services to Sredneuralskaya convent along with their supporters. The final decision in respect of chiyoumen must take the diocesan ecclesiastical court.