Biden may request a briefing on the "conspiracy" of Russia with the Taliban

The most likely candidate from the US Democratic party in the upcoming November presidential election, Joe Biden did not rule out that will request a briefing from the current President's administration in connection with media reports that Russia allegedly offered the Afghan Taliban, the reward for attacking American soldiers in Afghanistan.

The New York Times, citing anonymous us intelligence officials published an article in which asserted that military intelligence of the Russian Federation allegedly offered a reward associated with the Taliban militants for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan. No evidence was provided.

The Russian Embassy in the United States demanded from the authorities an adequate response to the threats made to the diplomats because of false news about Russia and Afghanistan. The Russian foreign Ministry called the media reports a fake. The US President Donald trump called the article "paid". Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the publication of the New York Times about the "conspiracy" of Russia with the Taliban, expressed regret that the largest and respected global media do not shun such "ducks". He added that the allegation of "conspiracy" is a lie. On the question of journalists, discussed if trump somehow this theme with Vladimir Putin in the course of this year, Sands said.

"If it's not cleared up quickly, I may be asked to give me a briefing," - said Biden, speaking through his campaign in the state of Delaware. He asked, he asked the current administration of information on this topic. Biden responded that "they were not offered a private briefing". Usually after the official presentation of the presidential candidates from each party current administration can conduct briefings on the situation in the security field for candidates.

He said that had the opportunity to discuss this topic and to the experts in the field of international relations, in particular, former advisers to the Obama administration on national security and the state Department of the United States.