A pastor without a flock. Donald trump may lose the election trump card

President Donald trump almost begging for the support of his most loyal supporters — Evangelical Christians. After all, they are, in fact, led him into the Oval office four years ago. But now, in the Wake of the mass movement against racism, communities were faced with a difficult choice. What role the religious factor plays in the political fate of the trump — in the material RIA Novosti.

Texas is not only famous for ranches and cowboys, but also many Protestant churches. This is probably one of the most religious States in the country. He is now in the midst of a presidential campaign: Texans campaigning to vote for trump.

A key point for the presidential team is the state capital of Dallas. Campaign meeting here took place not at some stadium, as usual, and in a Protestant Church. Appropriate entourage: an upbeat religious hymns with the theme "Jesus is our Savior!" were interspersed with emotional speeches of pastors.

"We love you, trump! We love you, tramp!" — ringleaders of the crowd the Reverend Robert Jeffress.

The head of the Evangelical community of Dallas is one of the most influential religious figures in the United States. He vehemently supports trump. So much so that before the election of 2016 called "stupid and proud" those Baptists who won't vote for a Republican.

"He has made the reality of religious freedom and conservative judicial system!" Jeffries from the stage to the participants of the current meeting. In response he graciously nodded Mike Pence, Vice-President of the United States.

The tramp chose to meet with the electoral flock Golf game. According to U.S. media reports, in Texas specifically is sent to a Penny — he, unlike the President, in the eyes of ordinary Americans appears to be a deeply religious man.

Almost 82 percent of Americans consider themselves believers. A third professed the Protestant Evangelical persuasion. This doctrine, which appeared in America in the early eighteenth century, puts at the forefront a life according to the principles of the gospel and that faith in Jesus Christ can save a person.

Evangelical Christians saved the campaign of Donald trump in 2016. Their votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina then decided the outcome of the case.

The President-elect is in debt does not remain: he publicly supported the legislative initiative to ban abortion, established in the White house special "religious Council", which included the most popular pastors, mainly from evangelicals.

They not only prayed for the President, but strongly defended it from attacks in the media. Pastors were on the side of trump, even when America does discuss communication of the President with the porn star Stormy Daniels.

"Undoubtedly, the President believes in God. However, a young man in his life God was not, he was a playboy. But things are changing — has changed and the tramp", — told RIA Novosti Franklin Graham, one of the most popular pastors in the United States.

Despite the rhetoric of religiosity, the President himself rarely attended services. And if they showed the piety, reason.

So it was 2 June, when nationwide protests erupted against police brutality. The reason for the riots was the killing by police of an African-American George Floyd. When the riot came to Washington, trump under the clicking of cameras went with his wife in the chapel of St. John at the White house.

"If the city or state refuse to take action needed to protect people and property, I will deploy Armed forces there, and he will quickly solve the problem for governors," he threatened the President, standing near the chapel with a Bible in his hand.

Any other time these words were applauded by millions of believers. But not in the midst of the movement Black Lives Matter (BLM). Instead of applause owner of the Oval office, condemned, and its the same.

"It seems like now is the moment to say, "I feel your pain". But the President went the other way," — said in early June, pastor Pat Robertson.

Public attack the most famous American televangelist became a Wake-up call for the White house: the congregation is no longer true to their partner. But until recently, Robertson has actively supported the President's course. He founded the Christian television station CBN is one of the most popular in the country, two years ago dubbed him "the mouthpiece of trompowsky propaganda".

Dissatisfaction with the head of state among the faithful has taken a truly biblical scale. The President was condemned by the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church in the U.S., the largest religious organizations, whose members generally share conservative rhetoric trump. In demonstrations of the movement BLM was attended by the leaders of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in the United States, but the most active and influential members taxied to the election campaign of the Republican candidate in 2016.

However, the unanimous approval or condemnation of the behavior of trump in connection with the BLM, none of the major churches were not expressed. In many communities, even a split for this reason.

The most famous was the controversy in the southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is second in numbers of parishioners, religious organizations in the United States and the largest Protestant. Its adherents, though, and share the agenda trump, took to the barricades, among the first. And no wonder: more than a third of the members of the Convention — blacks.

That is why in the team of the White house began to "pray" for Protestants of Texas, their community, the largest in the South coast. And the most ardent defender of President Robert Jeffress — the most popular of its pastors.

However, last campaign meeting with the Vice President in Dallas showed that even the most influential preachers run the risk of losing the flock.

"The parishioners not only the traditional "white" but historically "black" churches with conservative positions. And they always voted for Republicans. But recent events have overshadowed the political preferences — anti-racism speech to the faithful was more important," says religious expert Roman Lunkin.

However, in his view, the demarches of loyal supporters trump against him "due to market conditions". The hype around the BLM was forced, for example, the southern Baptist Convention for the first time to include a black pastor in governing structures. But every situation is transient.

And if, adds the scientists, the protest movement in the US in the next couple of months will fall, to the election of the head of state on 3 November, the majority of believers will again be for the current President. Otherwise, trump will fail.