A political vacuum. Where does the popularity Zelensky

A year ago, the rating of Vladimir Zelensky was off the charts, now has a record. Falling support for the party "servant of the people", "the-team" shaken by scandals, and the opponents are preparing to take revenge for the elections. Returns whether the President of Ukraine lost popularity to fall, found out RIA Novosti.

In June, according to the Kyiv international Institute of sociology, actions Zelensky approved 38 percent of respondents in may, the rate was nine points higher. The opposite opinion was expressed by 45 percent of study participants (compared to a month ago — 37).

The account is not in favor of the incumbent. Similar results gave the June survey center "Social monitoring": I do not trust or rather not trust the head of state more than half of respondents, trust and rather trust 41%.

The main problems of Ukraine, in their opinion, the armed conflict in the Donbass, the decline in the economy, inflation, growth of utility tariffs, unemployment. During the election campaign Zelensky was talking about zero tolerance to corruption, the development of the national economy and the equality of all before the law, offered "just stop shooting" in the South-West of the country. Apparently, many voters think they were deceived.

Not better Affairs and the Pro-presidential party "servant of the people". In June, according to the "Social monitoring", the rating amounted to 30.5 percent, which is thirteen points lower than last year. Following the "green" (informal name of "servants of the people") is "the Opposition platform For life", with 18.6 per cent and the unification of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko "European solidarity" with 12 percent. "Batkivshchyna" Yulia Tymoshenko positive about 9.7 percent of respondents.

Autumn in Ukraine local elections — if the epidemiological situation will allow. Speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkov said that the date of voting will be appointed in mid-July.

Opponents Zelensky preparing for the new political season. Oleksandr Turchynov, ex-Secretary of the national security and defense, announced that he will chair the headquarters of the "European solidarity". "In our lives back custom business and political persecution of opponents that devalues the achievements of the revolution of dignity (as in Kiev called a coup after the Maidan. — Approx. ed.) and the blood of Ukrainian patriots", — he explained.

Under the "political persecution of opponents" refers to a criminal case against Poroshenko. Zelensky really promised predecessor to become his "verdict" — but the fifth President of Ukraine was not even arrested.

In the party "servant of the people" echoes of old scandals. Last fall, one of the deputies leaked the recorded conversation of the chief of police of the Dnepropetrovsk region, and comrade Zelensky, the famous actor Yuri Kravchenkove. It was about the political backing of the security forces, in particular on non-interference in the Affairs of the Prosecutor's office and the State Bureau of investigation.

But the shock has caused even the mention of Alexandra Clytini: the interlocutors hinted that the post of Deputy Minister of transport she received "through the bed". After the publication of the conversation, she resigned, but a year later re-appeared in the information field. Now Klitina — half-naked — campaigning for a new party that fights "political prostitutes".

Team Zelensky did not work, and the evidence that more and more. Recently, for example, the press got a recording of the conversation between the leaders of party and faction "Servants of the people," Alexander Kornienko and David arakhamiya. The parliamentarians discussed the appearance of its fellow member Irina Allahverdiev, and along with the behavior Zelensky.

A colleague called "a woman working as a ship's pine". The President, according to them, once you see her, then "bounce" and "gonna smoke all icosi". They rebuked the Deputy Irina Vereschuk saying that we must think about how to win elections and to effectively engage women in politics, not to discredit them.

The party has matured and a systemic problem: the President's office and persuaded Parliament where the majority of "public servants" to vote for the program of the Prime Minister Denis Smagala. And it is imperative that the government not dismissed. In the media started talking about early elections to the Parliament.

Meanwhile, other politicians are also preparing for the new season. Co-chair of the "platform of the Opposition For life" Vadim Rabinovich in response to the brutal beating in Kharkiv activist Anatoly Sharia said: if the government does not impose order on the streets, his party will form a new self-defense militias.

All political forces are mobilized before an autumn confrontation, the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy Ruslan Bortnik. "That's why reappeared Turchinov, has intensified the struggle for the street. Everyone is waiting for the protests. And "servant of the people" looks the weakest player. If the party will continue to act contrary to public opinion, the fall will be between a rock and a hard place: the "European solidarity" and opzz. There will be serious political crisis," — said Bortnik.

However, according to him, the seizure of power is unlikely. "Take it easy, it is difficult to legitimize, but it is obvious that "European solidarity" is not just going to the polls, and wants to change the vector of the entire policy," he says.

Ukrainian political analyst Andriy Zolotaryov recalls that the rating Zelensky and his party is reduced for a long time. "Alarms sounded in the winter, but technically high optimistic figures reassured and encouraged to do nothing. A series of scandals and the lack of positive results has led to the fact that "green" walked part of the companions, people who did not vote for Zelensky or "Servant of the people", but against Poroshenko. Destroyed electoral core", — the expert explains.

Zelenski and his team put forward the slogan "We are different, we are changing the system", but in fact has changed except the characters. The new President — laytovaya version Poroshenko, adds Zolotarev. And concludes: the decline in popularity of "green" creates a political vacuum. And who will fill it is still unknown.