The court dismissed the former accountant, "the Seventh Studio" from punishment

Meshchansky court in Moscow freed from punishment the former chief accountant of "the Seventh Studio" Nina Maslyaeva in the case of embezzlement of nearly 129 million rubles, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

The court found Maslyaeva guilty of fraud, sentenced and released from it because she's already served his sentence under investigation, in jail and under house arrest.

In addition, the court satisfied the claim of the Ministry of culture on compensation of almost 129 million rubles. This amount she has to pay along with the Director Kirill Serebrennikov, producer Alexey Malopolski and former Director of the "Seventh Studio" Yuri Etenim.

In 2010 Maslyaeva already been convicted of embezzlement in the theater, then in cash is not received 30 thousand rubles. At that time her for half a year was forbidden to hold economic and administrative posts.

As reported a press-service SK, Masliaev, along with other defendants kidnapped 129 million rubles from the funds allocated in 2011-2014, "the Seventh Studio" for the development and promotion of contemporary art in the framework of the project "Platform". As has established a consequence and court, the defendant had made fictitious reports on the activities of the group, working with firms engaged in cashing in of money, and also received illegal reward of five million rubles.

Meshchansky court in Moscow earlier announced the verdict in a major case of Studio seven: Director Kirill Serebrennikov received a suspended sentence and a fine of 800 thousand rubles, the other two defendants in the case also received suspended sentences, Sophia Apfelbaum – a fine of 100 thousand rubles, but because of the expiration of time to pay it is not necessary. The first was convicted of embezzling nearly 129 million rubles, and the second of negligence in the reception of documents for payment: Apfelbaum then headed the Department in the Ministry of culture.