The doctor told me how to change instruction in schools from September 1

. The opening of schools September 1 may be performed in three different scenarios in terms of coronavirus, the publication said URA.RU immunologist Michael Kostinov.

In his opinion, in the first case, the elderly with chronic diseases will protect against work in classes. The second will prescribe a preventive course. In the case of infection, some of the teachers or pupils of the school may close on quarantine.

"People with chronic diseases certainly will not participate in training during a pandemic. Most likely, in connection with quarantine measures will allow them to visit institutions and work remotely", — leads edition of the words Kostinov.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of education Sergey Kravtsov announced the beginning of the school year in accordance with the traditional schedule – September 1. The Minister also stressed that schools strengthen measures epidemiological protection, taking into account the situation of COVID-19. Corresponding work is already conducted in the Russian regions.

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