Oil exports from Russia to the United States fell in April more than 12 times

Oil exports (excluding petroleum products) from Russia to the United States in April fell by more than 12 times on a monthly basis, to 396 thousand barrels, Russia dropped to 16th place in the ranking of the largest suppliers of oil in the United States, according to the energy information administration of energy of the United States (EIA).

In March Russia occupied the 7th place, putting in the United States 4,888 million barrels of oil. In April in the first place were Canada, which is followed by Mexico, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

With regard to the total exports of oil and petroleum products in the United States, then Russia dropped to fourth place, placing in April 2020 12,233 million barrels. In March, Russia was in third place. The index in April fell by 38.9% on a monthly basis.

In the first place by export of oil and oil products in the USA in April has remained Canada, putting back 122,644 million barrels, while the second is still Mexico, which exported to the United States 18,932 million barrels. Saudi Arabia has overtaken Russia and took third place, putting 12,926 million barrels.

In General, the import of oil and oil products in the United States in April fell by 13.3% to 7,236 million barrels per day, while exports declined by 12.2% to 8,452 million per day. The import of oil in the USA in the reporting month decreased by 12.3% - to 5.52 million barrels a day and exports by 13.5% to 3,077 million barrels per day.