The Russian Ambassador responded to Lukashenka's words about "interference" in the Affairs of Minsk

Talk about the fact that Moscow had allegedly interfered in the internal Affairs of Minsk in the current election campaign, are not serious, they do not have even a minimum of any grounds, said on Tuesday the Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev.

Earlier the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he plans to discuss with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin outside interference in elections in the Republic. Lukashenko, in particular, noted that opponents of the current Belarusian authorities are "puppeteers" who "and live in Poland, and from Russia to throw up". Lukashenka did not specify his words, but even before that, the state control Committee (SCC) of the Republic, commenting on the criminal "the case of Belgazprombank", talked about "puppeteers" from among the "big bosses "Gazprom", and maybe higher." Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the accusations against Russian companies on the part of Minsk is unfounded, the economic interests of the giants are under the protection of the Russian Federation.

Speaking of the "Belgazprombank", in the framework of which, including, was detained the applicant for the post of President of Belarus Victor Babariko, Mezentsev said that he would like to see early completion of the work in this Bank, temporary administration imposed by the national Bank of the Republic, and the approval of the new composition of the Board.

"It is important... to ensure shareholders and customers, and to do everything to PR losses, which, of course, suffered one of the leading Belarusian banks in the premium segment, have been arrested," - said the diplomat.

According to him, it is important for the credit institution and the whole banking community of Belarus. As noted Mezentsev, it is also important that the public had information about how the investigation on the "case of Belgazprombank", how substantiated are the claims that apply it to the defendants.

Belgazprombank, which Babariko headed for 20 years, operates in Belarus since 1990. Russian "Gazprom" and Gazprombank owns 49.8% of the shares of the Bank. In June at its head office in Minsk was searched. The state control Committee of the Republic said that on the basis of BGB acted organized criminal group, the conclusion of money abroad. KGC has initiated a criminal case on articles about the tax evasion and money laundering obtained by criminal means. Were detained by Babariko and his son Edward – the head of the electoral headquarters of the father. All in all, about 20 people were detained, including top managers of the Bank. The investigation of the case entrusted to the KGB.

Presidential elections will be held in Belarus on 9 August.