France has produced a series of cookies with words of gratitude to physicians

Mark LU has released a series of the famous Petit Beurre biscuits with the words of gratitude to the medical staff on the background of a pandemic of a new type of coronavirus, said the head of the company Mondelez France Matthias Dosn on his Twitter page.

"Print on the Véritable Petit Beurre has not changed since 1886. In honor of the medical staff of the region (city – ed.), Nantes, our factory is in (the municipality EDS.) La-e-Voisier change the initial print to write... thank you very much", - he said on his page.

As can be seen from the pictures that Dosn applied to the message, the regular inscription on a biscuit "LU Petit beurre Nantes" will be replaced by a "thank you".

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