Myanmar has extended the ban on entry for foreigners

The government of Myanmar cancels by July 1 limits for citizens out of homes in one area of Yangon, which was the main center of the spread of coronavirus infection in March and April, however, extends until July 31, the temporary ban on the entry of foreign nationals.

The lockdown, or "the order to stay home" (Stay at Home Order) entered by Ministry of health and sports of Myanmar in early may in 10 districts of Yangon, the largest city and former capital of the country, were allowed out on the street, only one member of the family for food and two members of the family in case you need to visit a doctor. The order was abolished in stages during the month (14 and 28 may in several areas at once), but in the area of Insein, in which became ill during the pandemic 49 of 209 infected around Yangon and its effect continued until the end of June. Thus, the regime was finally terminated. The decision to cancel "the order to stay home," was adopted by the Ministry of health and sports of Myanmar and published in appropriate order on the Internet website of the Ministry.

Almost simultaneously with the lifting of the lockdown in Yangon, the Myanmar government decided to extend the temporary ban on the entry of foreign nationals, the issuance of any visas, except diplomatic and official, and international passenger air services operating before 1 July, for another month, until July 31. The text of the government reports have been published by the media of Myanmar, including the Myanmar Eleven newspaper, on Monday evening. All foreign nationals arriving in Myanmar in this period, as diplomats or with special permission of the authorities will be required to undergo a 21-day quarantine.

The Myanmar authorities are going in July-August to finish in June the process of easing and removal of restrictions related to the pandemic, which operate in the tourism and hospitality sectors, development of internal tourism, said on Tuesday the online version of the journal Irrawadi, citing a Ministry of hospitality and tourism of Myanmar.

The publication stresses that the government's decision to open and the development of domestic tourism should be supplemented by the relevant provisions of the local authorities, the prerogative of which is deciding what hotels and tourist attractions open to living and visiting in their areas.

Domestic travel resumed with the reopening of the hotels of the state have received safety certificates from infection by coronavirus, and the lifting of the ban on movement within the country, the report said. Also the policy of the Ministry of hospitality management and tourism at present is to promote the internal individual and family, not group tourism, stresses the magazine.

Development of domestic tourism, the government of Myanmar has also released a travel company from taxes for a period of six months, was canceled for a year the payment for the acquisition and renewal of state licenses and tourist postponed for six months the payment of leasing operators of hotels, leased from the state, according to Irrawadi.

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