Donor conference on Syria were able to collect 6.9 billion euros

Donor conference on Syria, "the Brussels-4" was able to collect 6.9 billion euros (7.7 billion dollars) to assist Syrian refugees, said at the conference, European Commissioner for crisis management Janez Lenarcic.

"The Euro has been a promised 6.9 billion. So, in US dollars, it is 7.7 billion. For 2020, in euros total contributions should amount to 4.9 billion euros, or 5.5 billion US dollars. It is only in 2020. For 2021 and a further amount of contributions – 2 billion Euro, or 2.2 billion U.S. dollars", - said on the results of the Commissioner.

He added that international financial institutions and donors in addition "also announced the loan on certain conditions, for a total amount of 6 billion euros, or 6.7 billion dollars."

Donor conference on Syria, "the Brussels-4", organized by the European Union under UN auspices, was held on Tuesday in a virtual format, without participation of official Damascus, with which the EU does not support relations.

Before the meeting, it was reported that the Ministerial part of the conference will gather 83 delegations from 58 countries and 12 regional organizations, international financial institutions, and 12 UN agencies. The participants, in particular, discussed the key aspects of the Syrian crisis.

The main declared objective of the meeting was "to mobilize the necessary humanitarian and financial support to Syria and neighbouring countries hosting Syrian refugees, as well as the continuation and deepening of the dialogue with civil society". In this case we are not talking about returns of Syrian refugees to their homeland, and help rebuild areas of Syria under the control of Damascus.

European representative, commenting to RIA Novosti the opportunity to send a portion of collected conference funds to help the refugees to return home, said that the current situation does not allow to organize a large-scale return of refugees, it should be voluntary, safe, dignified and in accordance with international law. He also confirmed that the EU will not participate in the reconstruction of Syria, there is not going to happen "political transformation".

Council of the European Union 28 may year extended sanctions against the Syrian government, the validity of which expired on 1 June. The sanctions list includes the 273 persons who are banned entry to the EU, their funds should be frozen. Also the restrictive measures apply to 70 organizations in Syria.

According to the organizers of the conference "Brussels-4", outside Syria, there are about 6 million refugees, 11 million Syrians in need of humanitarian assistance inside the country. Complicating the situation is the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic coronavirus. Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey hosting the largest number of refugees from Syria, urged donor countries to increase funding, including to combat COVID-19.

Donor conference on Syria was held on Tuesday for the fourth time. In the previous meeting, the donors had collected a total of 6.2 billion euros.