In Spain detained a Russian citizen suspected of counterfeiting

Civil guard in Spain have arrested a Russian citizen for a fake of medicines, his laboratory he made the house and assured buyers that the supplements prevent cancer.

Male 59 years old (initials V. S.) were detained in the Comarca of Oviedo (Autonomous community of Asturias), the report said the Civil guard. In addition, the investigation is carried out in two women (their nationality is not reported), one of them worked with the detainees, the other lives in Alicante, where he has a second home.

The investigation began late last year, when the Civil guard received a statement from a man who said that he had a relationship with a company that has worked with amino acids, used in agriculture (feed additives). These additives were supplied to Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. According to him, to the companion of the accused man that he is not working, blocked his email, changed his password and he is not able to contact him.

The investigation found that the suspect was engaged in manufacturing fake drugs of additives, which are used in agriculture, and the product was distributed under the brand names of real firms.

Any necessary permits for the production and distribution of medicines from the Spanish Agency for medicines and health products (Aemps) was not. During a search of the house discovered mineral, nutrients, feed additives, fertilizer and other substances used in agriculture, packaging and seven thousand Euro cash.

To create "drug" the suspect substance was mixed with distilled water, packaged in cans and put fake labels. He assured buyers that these "medicines" contribute to the improvement of the body, prevent cancer, help fight fatigue and anxiety. The cost of one of the banks ranged from 60 to 80 euros. Fake supplements were distributed, in Spain and Russia.