The media reported "suspicious cases" of pneumonia in Italy in 2019

Health protection Agency (ATS) of the Italian province of Bergamo identified 110 cases of pneumonia with symptoms of infection of the coronavirus, which occurred in the town of Alzano Lombardo from November to February, reports the news Agency askanews.

A small town appeared in the center of the investigation the local Prosecutor's office in connection with not adopted by the government decision on the introduction of the red "quarantine" zone after a surge of infections Covid-19 in early March. The testimony in this case was given by the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, head of the interior Ministry and the Ministry of health.

In the period between January and 23 February, when, in Alzano Lombardo the first positive tests for coronavirus in the hospital there were 52 cases of pneumonia caused by an "unknown pathogen". They account for 60% of all prescribed by doctors pneumonia over the period. However, notes askanews, "unidentified pathogen" was recorded in the medical documents of the past: thus, throughout 2018, he met 196 times and 2019 – 256.

As reported, in turn, the newspaper la Repubblica, citing data from the Prosecutor's office of Bergamo, as of the end of last year in Alzano Lombardo, there were 40 patients hospitalized due to "unrecognized viruses." In this regard, the publication notes that the tests for coronavirus, after the Declaration of an outbreak in China was conducted with the protocols of the Ministry of health of Italy.

As of Monday, the total number of cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus in the Apennines amounted to 240 thousand, and more than 189 thousand patients have recovered, the victims were 34 744 people. Currently, the number of cases of infection with coronavirus and the number of victims per day corresponds to the level of the initial period of the epidemic (end of February – beginning of March) in Italy.

In Lombardy was was about 40% of all cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus and nearly 48% of deaths (16 640). In the province of Bergamo, according to official figures, there are more than three thousand victims of the epidemic, however, local authorities estimate them at two to three times more.

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