In Sweden, the Commission on the coronavirus will present the first report on 30 November

The Commission on investigation of actions of the government of Sweden in the context of pandemic coronavirus will present the first report on 30 November 2020, it will be taken measures for the prevention of infection in nursing homes, said Tuesday during a press conference, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden Isabella Levin.

"The first part of the report, which will address measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus in nursing homes, should be presented on 30 November this year," she said.

A Commission headed by the well-known Swedish lawyer, mats Melin (Mats Melin). Under his leadership, experts from various fields will study all aspects of the measures against the coronavirus, including the organization of work of nurses and the effect of distance learning for older students. In addition, experts will compare Swedish and foreign experience in combating coronavirus. The final report, the Commission shall submit, six months before the parliamentary elections in Sweden, the deadline is February 28, 2022.

The Swedish authorities unlike other countries, did not enter a lockdown mode and chose the softer measures to combat the spread of the virus. This approach has caused mixed reactions and criticism both inside the country and abroad. Currently in Sweden from the coronavirus passed away more than 5.3 thousand people. About 40% of the dead were elderly people living in nursing homes.

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