Spain intends to develop its own vaccine against coronavirus

The Spanish vaccine COVID-19 are successful, it is likely that after a few months of the vaccine will begin to apply on the people, said Minister of science, Pedro Duque.

He said that in the world there are about 180 projects for the development of vaccines in Spain, including 12 that are financed from the state budget. "In five of the 12 groups already have what's called a "vaccine candidate", and they begin preclinical testing on animals. One of the projects that have "vaccine candidate" was already at the end of April, has completed animal studies and there is a big hope for this vaccine," – said Duque.

As reported by the Ministry of science, four projects expect to begin human trials in December.

"There is a possibility that with all these tests done, six to twelve months we can begin to apply the vaccine on the Spaniards... it is Necessary to conduct many more studies, but we are optimists and believe that there will be a vaccine which will arrive in the Spanish health care system when it proves to be effective," - said the Minister.

He also said that already there are negotiations with a number of foreign companies that would be willing to purchase a vaccine if it is developed in Spain.

Spain also conducts about 100 clinical trials for possible treatment of a coronavirus, as well as studies identifying virus – and not only directly on the people, but also in the environment, the waste on the surfaces, the Minister said.

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