Russia has called the conditions under which Turkey will be able to sell s-400 USA

Turkey will not be able to pass the US purchased Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 system without the consent of Moscow, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday the official representative of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC) Maria Vorobyeva.

Earlier, us Republican Senator John Thune has offered to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile system s-400 from Turkey to resolve differences with Ankara.

"For the implementation of the export of military products the buyer of our technology needs to provide the Russian side of the end-user certificate. Therefore, its transfer or re-export to third countries without official permission of the Russian side is impossible," - said Vorobyov.

Deliveries of the newest Russian air defense systems s-400, which caused a crisis in Turkey's relations with the United States, began in mid-July 2019. Washington has demanded to cancel the transaction and return to purchase American complexes Patriot, threatening to delay or even cancel the sale of Turkey's newest F-35 fighter, as well as to introduce restrictive measures. Ankara has refused to compromise and continued negotiations on additional batch of s-400.

In fact, the United States have fulfilled only part of the threats regarding the F-35 and other sanctions, despite the fact that by law they must be typed, not have to apply.