The first three patients with COVID-19 in Penza cured by the transfusion of plasma

The first three patients in the Penza region have recovered from coronavirus with plasma transfusion ill COVID-19, said the regional government.

In the plasma of recovered patients contains antibodies to the virus COVID-19, which upon administration to the patient help his immune system to resist and exert a powerful therapeutic effect on patients in serious condition. To obtain these antibodies by artificial means is impossible. Only recover and recovered people can become a donor anticavity and plasma to help sick patients. The government of Penza region on June 11 reported that doctors have begun treating the first patient with plasma.

It is specified that in most cases 80% of patients after administration of plasma there is a positive trend in health status, and the patients note the improvement of health.

"It is potentially very promising for the efficiency method of treatment of patients in severe and moderate condition. Use anticomedonal plasma optimally in period from three to seven days after the onset of clinical symptoms of the disease", - quotes the chief off-staff specialist on infectious diseases of the regional health Ministry Jamil Kurmaeva the government.

The government added that recovered after infection with coronavirus is becoming more and these people can be real saviors for those who have COVID-19 is hard. Production of plasma from donors who have already been exposed to coronavirus and have antibodies, held in the Penza regional clinical blood center since mid-June.

Only in the area of 4970 laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus. Died and 41 people with COVID-19, including a citizen of Kazakhstan, recovered 4661.

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