Russia responded to the idea of the United States to buy s-400 from Turkey

Turkey won't sell US anti-aircraft missile systems s-400, according to Russian parliamentarians.

Earlier, us Senator John Thune called a "method" to resolve differences between Washington and Ankara on Russian SAMS. He introduced an amendment to the defense budget of the United States, which proposed to buy the system in Ankara.

Senator Vladimir dzhabarov suggested that the us military is planning to dismantle the Russian machine "to the screws" to create something of their own.

"They have such weapons yet," he said in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking".

According to the parliamentarian, Ankara will not agree to such an agreement with Washington, as by passing the complexes in the United States, will immediately cease to be a reliable partner.

Senator Oleg Morozov, in turn, called the proposal Tune trolling. He stressed that "filling" the Russian air defense system for Washington is not no secret.

"Turkey is a NATO country, it is clear that, if it is s-400, and the Americans know too much about this system", — quotes its NSN.

MP Leonid Slutsky also said that Ankara will not consider the initiative of a us Senator.

"(This) proposal