In Lebanon, the judge resigned after a scandal in the media with the US Ambassador

A judge from the Lebanese city of tyre Muhammad Masih, issued a verdict banning the Lebanese journalists to interview the U.S. Ambassador in Beirut, Dorothy Shea, has resigned, according to the Lebanese TV channel "al-Mayadin".

Mazeh judge on Friday ruled the ban to the media in connection with the statements of the American Ambassador in interview to TV channel "al-Hadas", which was regarded as a blatant interference in the internal Affairs of Lebanon and aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country. For violating an order the judge imposed a fine in the amount of 200 thousand dollars and the revocation of the license. American diplomat in an interview with broadcasting from Dubai channel "al-Hadas" he accused the Shiite party Hezbollah that it does not make a decision that would help Lebanon emerge from the economic crisis, depriving the country of billions of dollars.

According to "al-Mayadin", the judge in urgent cases Mazeh submitted his resignation to the Supreme judicial Council of Lebanon.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Lebanon, the Hittite Nazif on Monday summoned the U.S. Ambassador in connection with its statements in the Lebanese media. Hitti after a meeting with Shi told reporters that the situation was resolved. He noted the importance of respect for and observance of the "sacred right" of freedom of speech and use of information by the media.

A group of demonstrators, in turn, organized a mass rally outside the foreign Ministry in Beirut, speaking against the intervention of Shi in the internal Affairs of Lebanon.