Virologist appreciated the new strain of flu that could cause pandemic

Head of the laboratory of ecology of microorganisms, School of Biomedicine, far Eastern Federal University Mikhail shchelkanov in an interview with "Moscow speaking" commented on reports that Chinese scientists have found a previously unknown strain of swine flu that can cause a new pandemic.

The virologist said that this virus has not yet infiltrated the human population.

This, according to him, is evidence that modern molecular virological methods enabled with proper and regular use to prevent pandemic situation.

The scientist also explained that the medicine after the epidemic of the coronavirus is much better finished, and Russia has also demonstrated excellent results.

"Everything is done in order not only to defeat the pandemic, and in order that this victory gave us the impetus for further development. I don't think it will be worse, next should be better," said a virologist.

He also noted that this strain of swine flu has pandemic potential. However, if it implements it is, according to shchelkanova, is a matter of time.

Earlier in the American scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a study by Chinese scientists. It says that pigs should be considered as intermediate hosts or "mixing vessels" in the process of generation of pandemic influenza viruses.