Lebanese Prime Minister demanded to save the country from the consequences of sanctions

The Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diyab, referring to the EU and the UN demanded to exclude Lebanon from the sanctions policy against Syria and to help in the process of return of refugees back to Syria.

"I urge the United Nations and the European Union to protect Lebanon from the consequences of any imposed against Syria sanctions, in particular related to the law of "Caesar," said Diyab in a video message to the participants of the 4th international pledging conference on Syria.

The head of the Lebanese Cabinet said that his government is taking measures to revive the economy of the country, the return of confidence and financial stability. "We confront the crisis from different directions, the responsibility for saving lies with the Lebanese, but security in order to stability - international responsibility",- he said.

Diyab also called on the international community to assist in the return of Syrian refugees to their homes and stressed the need to support countries that received the largest number of refugees, including Lebanon.

Lebanon is experiencing a financial and economic crisis, which continued to worsen quickly after the beginning of action of a new package of sanctions against Syria. Local experts and politicians have expressed concern that the law of "Caesar" may have on Lebanon more disastrous consequences than for Syria. On the background of the presence of more than 1.5 million refugees from Syria with a population of 4 million, the banking crisis and the lack of production scale, the new sanctions can create catastrophic problems for the Lebanese people, a decision that will take several years.