The ILO predicted a significant increase in the number of unemployed by the end of the year

The number of people who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, COVID-19 by the end of 2020 significantly exceeds earlier projections and may reach 400 million, said in published on Tuesday a new report by the International labour organization.

At the end of April experts of the ILO said that more than 300 million people will lose their jobs and 1.6 billion people will lose livelihoods due to quarantine measures in connection with COVID-19.

According to the new forecast, in the current situation to the end of the year you will lose about 400 million jobs. And most affected countries with low and middle income population.

The ILO has developed three scenarios for the next two quarters of this year. According to the negative scenario, the second wave of infections COVID-19 will lead to new closures of markets, which will deprive of work of about 340 million people. The objective of the scenario is considering a situation in which the world economy will recover as expected. The number of jobs in the world will be reduced by an additional 140 million. An optimistic scenario suggests that the economy will recover faster than forecast and will require the creation of new jobs. In such a scenario, the work will lose only 34 million people.

According to ILO estimates for the second quarter of 2020 in the countries of the American continent had 70 million lost jobs, mostly in South America. This is the largest loss was at the moment. In Europe and Central Asia lost their jobs for 45 million people. In Asia and the Pacific abbreviations touched 235 million people, 8 million in Arab countries, and 45 million in Africa.

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