The mayor opened the station Setun ' WDC-1 after reconstruction

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has opened after reconstruction stopping point Setun ' WDC-1 in the Belarusian direction of the Moscow railway.

According to him, reconstruction and construction of new stations to the IDC is in a special mode, as all work is done on existing trunk routes without stopping the train traffic.

In turn, Deputy General Director of JSC "RZD" Oleg Tony reported that at the time of reconstruction of the platform Setun was built a temporary wooden platform.

He said that before the end of the year each month will open two or three new and reconstructed stations of the IDC.

In the construction of additional roads of the Belarusian direction of Moscow railway on Sochi in 2018 was built underground pedestrian tunnel and a new island platform in the direction of the field. In 2019-2020 comprehensive reconstruction of the station was continued in accordance with the new Moscow standard arrangement of the stations of the Skytrain IDC-1. This standard, approved by OAO RZHD and the Moscow government, includes the construction of elevated pedestrian crossings (concourse) or underpasses (tunnels), as well as the integration of WDC stations with the metro and ground public transport. Mandatory elements of the comfort of the Skytrain stations are canopies along the entire length of the platforms, protect against rain, snow and sun, escalators, elevators, led lighting, electronic scoreboard, racks, emergency communication, video surveillance, modern fire alarm system, lavatories, a barrier free environment and other facilities for disabled passengers, including ticket offices with low window sills.

All elements of this standard implemented in the station Setun'.

The concourse area of 2.1 thousand square meters with slatted ceiling and stained glass has exits on both sides of the railway tracks on the street Gorbunova and Barvihinskaya. To rise to the concourse and down to platform, passengers can use the six escalators and three elevators. The outputs of the concourse is equipped with turnstiles. Pedestrians who only want to go over the railroad tracks, can use the underground tunnel. The area of the station has increased by almost three times.

The project was the reconstruction of sidewalks and street lighting adjacent to the station Setun ' the streets Barvikhinskaya, Govorova, Tolbukhin and Gorbunov.

The reconstruction of the station Setun ' has improved transport service about 300 thousand residents of areas Kuntsevo and Mozhaisk, of which 35 thousand people live within walking distance. Before the start of the pandemic the station Setun', the daily used of the order of 10,3 thousand people. It is expected that within the next years this figure will increase to 12.5 thousand.

Since the IDC is based on them for four new stations: Slavic Boulevard in D1 and Penyagino, Volokolamsk and Ostafyevo at D2. Completed the reconstruction of six stations: Fili, Nemchinovka, Odintsovo, working village and Sochi in Sochi on D1 and D2. In the coming years it is planned to complete the construction of eight new stations, including three stations IDC-1: Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, Dmitrovskoe and Ilim and five stations WDC-2: Maryina Roshcha, Kur'yanovo, Kotlyakovo, Printers and Shchukin, which will replace the station Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo. Thus, by 2024, the number of stations on the two diameters should be increased to 66 and the number of direct - to 27.

Reconstruction work continues at nine stations, including six stations D1: Dolgoprudnaya, Timiryazevskaya, Novodachnaya, Bakovka, Moscow and Lobnya and 3 stations D2: Nakhabino, Kalanchevskaya and Podolsk.