In "Transneft" estimated the volume of deliveries to Belarus in June-July

Oil exports via the Transneft system at Belarusian refineries in June 2020 decreased by 27% compared to the same period of 2019, up to 1 million tons, in July it is planned to supply 1.4 million tons, reported RIA Novosti Advisor to the President, the press Secretary of "Transneft" Igor Demin.

"At Belarusian refineries put 1 million tonnes (in June 2019 1.4 million tons)," he said.

"In July will be 1.4 million tons", - he stressed.

Deliveries to the Mozyr refinery in June amounted to 515 thousand tons, in June 2019 was set 807,6 thousand tons. On the "Naftan" in June 2020 was delivered 490 thousand tons in June 2019 - 570 thousand tons. In July at the Mozyr oil refinery is planned to be sent 566,1 tons of oil, "Naftan" - 850 thousand tons.

However, in General, the Druzhba pipeline in June reached 3.8 million tons, which is 71.1% higher than in June 2019. In July, "Friendship" is planned to supply 3.7 million tons of oil.

While in Germany in June, deliveries increased by 2 times compared to June 2019, to 1.5 million tons, to Poland - by 2.4 times to 1.3 million tons, Slovakia - 2 times, to 425 thousand tons, Hungary - 26.1%, to 420 thousand tons. However, exports to Czech Republic in June dropped to 50 thousand tons to 350 thousand tons in June 2019.

In July, in Germany it is planned to supply 1.5 million tons of oil to Poland - 1.1 million tons, Slovakia - 452,6 million tons, Hungary - 370 thousand tonnes in the Czech Republic - 350 thousand tons.