Putin urged Russians to vote for amendments to the Constitution

Vladimir Putin made an appeal to the Russians before the main day of voting on amendments to the Constitution.

The President is on the background of the memorial to Soviet soldiers, who earlier inaugurated in the Rzhev district of the Tver region together with the President of Belarus. Putin reminded about the heroism of the soldiers who went into battle to succeeding generations lived in peace and "be proud of Russia — a country with a unique civilization and great culture".

The head of state urged Russians to take part in the vote on the future of the country, think about how it will be for children and grandchildren.

He noted that we are talking about a country with a modern education and health, with a reliable social protection of citizens, efficient government, accountable to the public.

The President assured that the amendments will enter into force only if they approve the Russians. However, he expressed confidence that the voting based on values that unite the country, truth and justice, respect for human labor, people of older generations, the care of children.

The head of state said that the amendments will consolidate these principles as Supreme and absolute constitutional guarantees.

"I ask you, dear friends, have your say. The voice of each of you is the most important, the most important", — concluded Putin.