Oleg Tinkov told about the treatment for leukemia

Russian businessman, the founder of the group "Tinkoff" Oleg Tinkov said it continues to treat leukemia, but the business is not for sale and will emerge from the crisis strong.

The main asset of the group "Tinkoff credit systems" (TCS Group) is the eponymous Bank. Tinkov announced in March that he was sick with leukemia in the acute form and is fighting for his life. In March, he transferred his rights of ownership 40.4% of the shares of TCS Group to family trust.

Tinkov expressed his gratitude to all the doctors and nurses who were involved in his treatment. "They put me in remission for blood and molecular level, but unfortunately, a small number of leukemia cells left. Therefore, as often has happened in my life, I made a radical decision to do a bone marrow transplant..I'm gonna do in London next week, and there are long months of rehabilitation...probably up to a year", - he wrote in his Instagram.

The businessman said that the team "Tinkoff" and all the partners are very supportive of it. "I know that I founded the business in reliable and professional hands. We will emerge from this crisis 100% stronger than any of our competitors.. just because we originally sharpened under "online" and "work from home" and we have the best Fintek team. Tinkoff-not for sale!" he said.

The U.S. justice Department is currently seeking the extradition from Britain Tinkov on charges of filing false tax returns. He faces up to six years in prison. The head of the TCS Group Oliver Hughes has told reporters that there is no negative impact on the group or any new risks for her because of the allegations of the US authorities to address Tinkov or disease does.