Russia and Belarus will not allow you to belittle the importance of the Victory

Belarus and Russia will not allow anyone to belittle the importance of the Victory, to distort the truth about the events of world war II and to rehabilitate Nazism, said on Tuesday the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

The President of the Republic on Tuesday on a working visit in Russia, where, together with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin participated in the opening ceremony of the memorial to Soviet soldiers near Rzhev. The broadcast of the ceremony led channel "Russia 24".

According to the head of state, Belarus and Russia, who paid millions of lives for its citizens and for peace on earth, "are absolutely United in this effort". "With deepest gratitude we bow to the courage and steadfastness of all who gave their lives for the freedom of present and future generations," added the Belarusian leader.

Memorial to Soviet soldiers was created on public donations, on the initiative of veterans of the great Patriotic war. It is located near the village of Khoroshevo Rzhevsky district of Tver region, near the Federal highway M-9 Moscow - Riga. The project was implemented Russian military-historical society with the support of the Union state, the Ministry of culture of Russia and the government of the Tver region.

Rzhevskiy the soldier is a bronze sculpture with a height of 25 meters and weighing about 80 tons. The monument was built based on photographs of the actual participants in the Rzhev battle.