Sberbank has compared the expenditures of Russians in the current and last year

The volume of expenses of citizens for goods and services in June could not recover to the levels of last year, a decrease of 8.5%, the study said savings Bank.

On the overall results June, in their opinion, could be affected by the increased reduction of expenses in weekly terms: if in the week from 15 to 21 expenses decreased by only 0.5% compared with the preceding week, June 22-28, the decline was 1.7%.

The "lag" of the spending of the citizens from last year still continues to navertyvat: if in April, their costs fell more than a quarter in may by 16.8%, and now, in June, at 8.5%.

However, against the background of such dynamics analysts pointed out that the fast recovery stage is completed, and a further increase in costs will depend not only on the open areas not working because of the epidemiologic limitations, but also from the dynamics of wages.