Sanctions against Syria hinder humanitarian assistance, according to the EU

EU high representative for foreign and security policy of Josep Borrell said the European sanctions against Syria do not interfere with the provision of humanitarian assistance.

According to him, the EU provided € 2.3 billion to assist Syrians in 2020-2021 years. These funds, in particular, will be used to support Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt. "They deserve the support of the EU, and this support will continue," said Borrell.

According to the organizers of the conference "Brussels-4", outside Syria, there are about 6 million refugees, 11 million Syrians in need of humanitarian assistance inside the country. Complicating the situation is the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic coronavirus.

Council of the European Union 28 may year extended sanctions against the Syrian government, the validity of which expired on 1 June. The sanctions list includes the 273 persons who are banned entry to the EU, their funds should be frozen. Also the restrictive measures apply to 70 organizations in Syria.