The Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan commented on the law on national security of Hong Kong

The Japanese government regrets the adoption in China of the national security law on Hong Kong, describing it as undermining confidence in the principle of "one country, two systems", it said in a statement on Tuesday the statement of the foreign Ministry of Japan, Toshimitsu Motegi.

"The international community has built with Hong Kong connections based on trust to the principle of "one country, two systems" at the Sino-British joint Declaration of 1984, and this has led to the prosperity of Hong Kong. The adoption of the law (on national security Hong Kong - ed.) undermines that trust," - said the Minister.

According to him, Japan urged China as before to respect and protect the rights and activities of Japanese nationals and companies in Hong Kong, and respect the rights and freedoms of Hong Kongers.

The law was passed at the end of Tuesday the 20th session of the standing Committee of the NPC (national people's Congress of the people's representatives) of the 13th convocation of the Supreme legislative body of China.

As previously reported, the Chinese Central government will create in Hong Kong the office for national security.

The former British colony of Hong Kong returned to China's possession in 1997 and has since enjoyed a wide autonomy under the name of Special administrative region of Hong Kong. The Central government of China adhere to the principle of "one country, two systems" in the management of this area. According to the joint Declaration of great Britain and China, Hong Kong will retain broad autonomy until 2047.