"The opposition platform" reported the assault to the receiving party in Kiev

Unidentified people attacked on the reception of party "Oppositional platform For life" in Kiev and smashed Windows, said Tuesday member of the political Council of the party Mikhail Nakonechny.

"Four men came with sticks, bats, stones and started smashing Windows. I think, first and foremost, they do not Orient because the locals raised a cry and began to call the police. Because they got scared and once broke the window ran away quickly and left behind only those shells that they were breaking Windows," said Nakonechny the TV channel NewsOne.

According to him, the attack on foster is associated with political activity. "You see that across the country, a wave of political extremism. We can say that actually this is bullying, this persecution for our political position," he said.

Nakonechny added that the attack occurred at night and he appealed to law enforcement bodies with the statement about the incident.

Kharkiv publishing "057.ua" on June 26, reported that party members "national body" (the organization was founded on the basis of natsbatalona "Azov", against whom in Russia opened a criminal case), "Right sector" and representatives of radical right-wing organization "Ruthless" held a rally near the office of "the Opposition platform For life" in Kharkov. They pasted stickers of the building with the inscription: "Ukraine or death" and burned the flag of Russia. On Monday, was attacked by foster the political forces in Kramatorsk.

*Banned in Russia as extremist organization