NATO Secretary General commented on the withdrawal of American troops from Germany

The withdrawal of some American troops from Germany will not be quick, this process will be related not only to the redeployment of the military, but also moves their families, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, speaking at a video conference of the German Institute for GIGA.

"No decisions had yet been taken on how to implement the intention of the withdrawal of some troops. And I, as the Secretary General of NATO, can't speculate the information regarding the date. I can say that, of course, many in the military in Germany were constantly. We are talking about families on permanent housing. It's not just a military redeployment that is quick is a resident power, whose movement will take more time," said the Secretary General.

Stoltenberg added that it is also not agreed a plan for the withdrawal of the contingent. "It is not clear yet how will be displayed the military. For example, will be discussed about how to bring them first into US and then distribute to other places, or then again, they will be redirected to Europe. While there is no agreement on these issues," he said.

Previously, trump has promised to reduce the number of us troops in Germany from 34.5 to 25 thousand people, Berlin is behind on their payments to NATO. Poland stated that it is willing to Fund the presence of us troops on its territory and offered the USA to host on a permanent basis, American armored division, taking on the costs - of the order of 1.5-2 billion dollars. Moreover, this proposal was made outside the framework of NATO, bilaterally. The President of Poland Andrzej Duda suggested naming the base Fort Trump ("trump Fort").