The foreign Ministry commented on reports of Russian intervention in elections in the United States

Reports of Russian intervention in the US presidential election - the political struggle of Moscow's interference in elections in foreign countries is not and can not be, it is technically impossible, but only if the country itself is not ask about it, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Ambassador for special assignments of the Russian foreign Ministry Vladimir Churov.

In February, the us media reported that the United States intelligence has warned members of the U.S. house of representatives about the "Russian interference" in the presidential campaign 2020 to help the current head of state Donald Trump.

As an example, he cited the Afghan authorities, who are always asking to help in the organization of elections and parliamentary elections of Serbia in Kosovo, where he provided great assistance to the UN representative. The diplomat stressed that this was done "at the request and by decision of an international organization".

"As for politics, any discussion of the events can be interpreted as interference. No, of course, the Russian intervention in elections in foreign countries, there can not be. Another issue is that by studying the history of electoral campaigns in Europe, we see that especially in the postwar years – in 1947-48, the years and beyond – there was some participation of foreign States in the elections in Italy, France, Czechoslovakia, the Polish people's Republic and so on. But those times have sunk into Oblivion", - concluded the Ambassador-at-large.

The United States presidential election will be held on 3 November 2020.