The media in England revealed COVID-19 nine factory workers BMW

Coronavirus was detected in nine factory workers German car manufacturer BMW in England, the company said it "is closely monitoring the situation," the newspaper reports the Oxford Mail.

Cases COVID-19 was recorded in one week, located in the district of Cowley in Oxford BMW plant specializing in the production of the car brand Mini.

"We can confirm that nine workers of the plant, the Mini Plant Oxford recently received a positive test COVID-19", - said the representative of BMW, noting that the company "thoroughly" discussed the situation with the British Agency under the Department of health, UK Public Health England (PHE). Representatives of PHE also confirmed that the Agency provides support to the plant.

As reported, the confirmation of the company followed after an anonymous source contacted the Oxford Mail and reported cases COVID-19 among workers of the plant. According to the source, "the staff (of the plant) begins to worry about the rapid growth in the number of cases over a few weeks."

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