The Muslim community in the pandemic helped with food baskets 7 thousand families

Russian Muslims over the past three months has assisted more than 7 thousands of Russian families, and several thousands of labor migrants, giving them food parcels and providing hot meals, told RIA Novosti CEO of the charity Fund "Zakat" in the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia Rifat Izmailov.

Also, according to him, the believers every day helped the elderly.

"We also supported the citizens of the CIS, as they were in a difficult position. Every day during the month of Ramadan, gave them a hot meal. Food packages and still pass the needy who have not come out of a difficult situation," said Izmailov.

In addition, the Russian Muslims, according to him, was supported by Syrian and Palestinian refugees, giving them 2.5 thousand food packages, assistance was also received by the inhabitants of Yemen and Afghanistan.