Lombardy is the only region of Italy where you have to wear masks

Lombardy is the only region of Italy, where the pandemic COVID-19 wearing medical masks in the open air is mandatory for citizens.

The order extends for a further two weeks period of the use of this PPE by all people of this Northern Italian region, signed by its President Attilio Fontana. An exception is made only for people who are active in sports, especially running and race walking in the fresh air.

According to official data, in Lombardy was was about 40% of all cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus and nearly 48% of deaths (16 640).

Fountain emphasized that frequent hand washing, observance of social distance and wearing medical masks greatly reduce the number of patients needing hospitalization and, in particular, greatly helped to alleviate the pressure on the intensive care units.

The Governor also ordered from July 10 to access discos and dance halls, as well as permitted to engage in contact sports.

Previously the compulsory wearing of masks in the street has abolished the power of the regions Campania and Veneto. In all other regions of Italy applies the governmental decree of June 11, according to which citizens "is highly recommended for all social contacts to use the means of respiratory protection". In practice, this means mandatory use of medical masks in all enclosed spaces.

The debate about the effectiveness of the use of masks during a pandemic originated in Italy including among members of the medical community. However, the vast majority of experts urged citizens to use this means of individual protection, coupled with respect for social distance and frequent hand washing.

As of Monday, the total number of cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus in the Apennines exceeded 240 thousand, more than 189 thousand patients have recovered, the victims were 34 744 people.

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