The CEC has not received complaints on voting for consideration at the meeting

The CEC still has not received any complaints on the vote on the Constitution, which would require consideration at the meeting of the CEC, said the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

She announced that as at 9.00 am on 30 June, the CEC received a record number of written complaints 5612. Of them 3933 relate to requests for clarification on voting procedures and legislative norms.

She added that the number of cases of coercion to vote a certain way and remains equal to two.

"Is not received so far no complaints, no requests, which would require consideration at the working group of the CEC, and therefore on the meeting of the CEC," - said the CEC Chairman.

According to her, 98 such complaints provide guidance on specific employers. The CEC Chairman recalled that employers can expect prosecution under article 141 of the criminal code.

According to her, on these requests for information promptly forwarded for consideration by the Moscow mayor in the Moscow government, the Moscow Prosecutor's office, the Governor of Saint Petersburg administration of the Governor and government of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Prosecutor's office, senior officials from other entities in the Executive bodies of the constituent entities, to the prosecutors of the subjects.

They all said Pamfilova, remain in control of the CEC not only after the vote.