More than 140 people with the coronavirus has died in Iran in days

The number of victims of coronavirus in Iran exceeded 10.8 thousand after the deaths of 147 people, said the official representative of the Ministry of health, SIMA Sadat Lari.

On the eve of Iran from the beginning of the pandemic was set record deaths per day - died by 162 people.

The TV channel IRINN Larry noted that for last days it was possible to identify 2457 new cases of infection with coronavirus, died 147 people.

The total number of infected from 19 February, when the government first announced COVID-19, reached 227 662 casualties – 10 817. At this moment recovered not less than 188 758 people.

The fourteenth of June for the first time in more than two months in Iran has recorded more than 100 deaths of patients with coronavirus, before that three-digit figure for the day were last recorded on April 13. The jump occurred once in Iran at the beginning of June saw a significant increase in the number of infected, which occurred after the country religious activities and open points, including mosques and restaurants, with a possibility of a mass congestion of people.

The authorities pointed to the lack of compliance with medical care provisions and in connection with the deterioration of the epidemiological situation made the decision from July 5 to introduce the compulsory wearing of masks in disadvantaged areas of the country, public and closed places.

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