Near Kaliningrad found the remains of seven red army soldiers in one funnel

Kaliningrad searchers have found the remains of seven of the Soviet soldiers killed in 1945 in the artillery crater in Zelenograd district, told reporters the head of the regional public organization of search engines "Conscience" Ruslan Khisamov.

He said that one of the soldiers, Junior Sergeant Karimzhan Radjabov managed to identify the order of Glory 3rd degree. He was a medic during the 2nd infantry battalion 140 th infantry regiment 182nd infantry division and was reported missing. In the archival documents as the "corpse left on the battlefield".

"On the night of February 9, 1945, the turn of our defence was broken through, the territory of two months came under the control of the enemy. Apparently left on the battlefield dead bodies of Soviet soldiers were buried by the Germans. The remains of the soldiers found near the former village Lienen (now not exist), where he died the Hero of Soviet Union captain Pyotr Romanov, the commander of the first rifle battalion of the same regiment, which served Karimzhan Radjabov," added Khisamov.

Modern Kaliningrad region is located on the territory of the former German province of East Prussia. At the final stage of the great Patriotic war here were the East Prussian offensive of the Soviet troops, during which the red army occupied East Prussia and liberated the Northern part of Poland. After the Second world war, at the Potsdam conference of the allies, a large part of East Prussia became part of Poland, a third of the territory, with its capital Konigsberg joined the Union.