The court issues a verdict Serebrennikov after its entry into force

Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow will publish the verdict Director Kirill Serebrennikov after its entry into force, told RIA Novosti in court.

Earlier in the files of the case there was a mark that publication is prohibited, but the court explained that the failure in the system. Usually forbidden to publish only the sentences for the cases considered in the closed mode, marked "classified", with the participation of minors, etc.

"By law, sentences can only be published after the entry into force," - said in court.

Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow on Friday announced the verdict in a major case of Studio seven: suspended sentences and fines received pieces of silver, Alex Malopolski and Yuri Itin, Sophia Apfelbaum – only a fine of 100 thousand rubles, but because of the expiration of time to pay it is not necessary. While men were found guilty in the theft of nearly 129 million rubles, and Apfelbaum – of negligence in the reception of documents for payment, then headed the Department in the Ministry of culture.