In South Korea have begun testing for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus

South Korea began carrying out tests for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus citizens to assess the real prevalence of infection in the country and the proportion of people with immunity to COVID-19, reported Yonhap news Agency citing Deputy head of the Central headquarters for the anti-epidemic measures, Kwon Joon-Wook.

"Serological studies are conducted on blood samples of 3 055 people to know how many people have immunity to the new coronavirus", - quotes Agency the words of the official.

He also stressed that the studies for antibodies will be conducted every two months until the end of this year, after which the results will be compiled and published after validation by the experts.

On Tuesday, South Korea has registered 43 new cases COVID-19 per day, the total number of infected people has increased to 12 800, recovered 11 537. The number of victims is 282 people. Only South Korea checked for coronavirus almost 1.27 million people.

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