In the Federation Council explained the idea of the United States to buy s-400 from Turkey

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir dzhabarov told "Moscow speaking" said that the U.S. wants to buy from Turkey the s-400 to take it apart "to the screws" and try to create something of their own.

According to dzhabarov, the Americans have no such weapons.

"I don't think this amendment will pass. More precisely, it may pass, but it is unlikely that Turkey will go for it," said the Senator. Otherwise, Ankara may lose its status of a reliable partner, bringing with her no one will sign this kind of agreement.

"I can't understand how to improve the relationship between the US and Turkey, if the United States will take some kind of complex C-400 itself," — said dzhabarov.

He believes that such actions are intended to make US "satisfied his curiosity" and "simply stole" the Russian military secrets. Also, the Senator suggested that the agreement on s-400 between Russia and Turkey could hardly have foreseen the resale of the complexes of a third country.

Earlier, us Senator John Thune has offered to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 to Turkey. This is stated in the text of the amendment to the draft law on budget allocations for national defence in 2021 (NDAA) on the Congress website.

Deliveries of Russian s-400, which caused a crisis in relations between Turkey and the United States began in mid-July last year. The US demanded refused the deal and purchase American complexes Patriot. While Washington threatened to delay or even cancel the sale of Ankara's newest F-35 fighter, as well as to impose sanctions in accordance with the law "On combating the enemies of America through sanctions." Turkey refused to compromise and continued negotiations on additional batch of s-400.