Russians called the vote a chance to affect the future of the country

The majority of Russians (85%), declaring participation in the vote, I think that for them this step is an opportunity to affect the future of the country, their future and that of their families, according to a survey by VTSIOM.

In addition, according to the study, 76% noted that they participated in the voting is the ability to protect, to defend their interests and the interests of their family.

Also 72% of respondents declaring participation in the vote, agree that this is a civil duty, his duty, 26% said that the voting is a personal thing, not an obligation or a duty.

The initiative Russian opinion "polls-Sputnik" held on 28 June. In the survey participated 1.6 thousand of Russians aged 18 years. Method of research — telephone interview. For a given sample size the maximum error with 95% probability does not exceed 2.5%.