Thailand will allow the arrival of flights with certain categories of aliens

Thailand from 1 July will allow arrival at the airports in the country for passenger flights from abroad with certain categories of foreign citizens stated in a report published in Bangkok by the order of the Department of civil aviation.

In accordance with the order, starting from 00:01 on 1 July, the Department will begin to issue permits for arrival passengers of the following categories: citizens of Thailand, family members of Thai nationals, foreign nationals with residence permit in Thailand, foreign citizens with a work permit in Thailand and members of their families, juvenile foreign students of the Thai schools and their accompanying guardians and students of Thai universities, foreign patients for treatment in Thai hospitals in addition to treatment from COVID-19.

The order will not affect the validity of the ban on the arrival of international passenger flights, which operates in Thailand since the beginning of may in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, but he introduces the above new categories of the citizens having the right exception, the right to arrive by air in Thailand from abroad.

The document also retains the effect of the exceptions made in the earlier orders of the Department. In particular, for diplomats and their families, crews of aircraft and other air assets for which the exact date of departure from Thailand, arrivals at the invitation of the Prime Minister and the government permits or government agencies, foreign officials, arriving with working and official visits, foreign health workers serving in medical evacuation operations, entrepreneurs who have permission to work in Thailand and have permission of the Embassy of Thailand in the country of citizenship on the flight to Thailand.

The order also repeated the list of exceptions for flights arriving from abroad, which includes aircraft of the armed forces, cargo planes, passenger planes arriving for emergency or technical landing without disembarkation of passengers, medical evacuation flights and export flight transporting Thai nationals home and repatrierea foreign nationals from Thailand.

Other passenger transport, including tourism, in order not mentioned. The order comes into effect on 1 July and will be valid until further notice, the document says.

"Many have misunderstood the document, opinion was divided even among TV commentators today. Some declared that the ban on international flights, others said that he extended," - said RIA Novosti Rules Axami, Executive Director of one of the handling companies working in Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi.

"The essence of the document that the Department will allow only the arrival of the flight on Board of which are present as passengers only persons designated in the order of the categories," he said.

"In practice, no airline, of course, will not arrange flights for foreign husbands and wives of citizens of Thailand or studying the Thai schools. So while we are talking only about the fact that foreign nationals in these categories will be able to arrive in Thailand only for export flights, which transported citizens of Thailand from foreign countries," - said the expert.

"Regular or Charter flights, this order does not allow", - he added.

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