In Uzbekistan forbidden to assemble in groups more than three people from COVID

The government of Uzbekistan since July 1, were forbidden to assemble in groups more than three people in public places in the regions with unfavorable conditions due to the coronavirus COVID-19, said on Monday the operational staff at the Cabinet of the country.

In Uzbekistan on 15 March revealed the first Republic in the case COVID-19. By Tuesday morning the number of reported cases was 8 298, 24 patients died, 5 496 recovered. Earlier, the President of the country Shavkat Mirziyoev said that the situation with the coronavirus in the country is becoming more complex, it is necessary to strengthen vigilance in the fight against the pandemic.

This decision was made by the special Republican Commission for combating coronavirus.

According oberstab in these areas also introduced a ban on stay on the streets and in the courtyards of apartment buildings from 23.00 to 07.00. In these times citizens will be able to go to the pharmacy or to the hospital for medical examination because of ill health or pregnancy.

From 1 July the major commodity markets and trade centers in all regions of the country on Saturdays and Sundays will be closed for sanitary and disinfection work, added in the sit room. Persons violating the new requirements will be applied measures of administrative responsibility in the prescribed manner.

The Uzbek authorities extended the quarantine in the Republic before August 1. All regions are divided into "zones" depending on the distribution COVID-19 - "red" most dangerous, "yellow" and "green", free of the virus. At the same quarantine conditions began to soften in late April: the population was allowed to walk near the house, for weddings and other celebrations, eased restrictions on the use of personal vehicles. In prosperous regions are objects of trade, public catering and culture. Resumed transport passenger transport in cities, as well as between Tashkent and regions.

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