In Indonesia, the mayor got on his knees and apologized for the outbreak COVID-19

The mayor of the Indonesian city of Surabaya tri Ramacharan at the meeting with the doctors and Directors of hospitals knelt down, cried and asked forgiveness for the epidemic situation on the background of growth in the number of infections COVID-19 in the city became the epicentre of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Indonesia, reports the newspaper Jakarta Post.

As reports the edition, on Monday, the mayor of Surabaya, the administrative centre of the province of East Java, conducted a meeting with Medical Association of Indonesia and local authorities to discuss the containment of the spread of coronavirus.

The video shows how the mayor got on his knees, cried and asked for forgiveness after the pulmonologist said that the local hospital where he works is overflowing with patients from COVID-19. He also said that many residents continued to ignore medical Protocol necessary to prevent further transmission of coronavirus infection.

In tears the mayor asked not to blame the mayor, saying that she was faced with obstacles when trying to establish contacts with the hospital, however a detailed explanation is not given. She also said that the administration had taken various efforts to control the spread of coronavirus.

East Java has become the center of an outbreak of the coronavirus in the country, and the Surabaya accounts for half of all cases in the province (5510 infections, 418 people died).

In the task force to combat coronavirus in East Java proposed to restore the city's social constraints. Nevertheless, the mayor said that it is not included in the plans of her administration at the moment. Instead, it said it planned to shift the emphasis of scaling up testing and closing shopping malls, as there are reported cases of infection, claiming that there is a tendency to reduce the number infected.

According to the latest data, the country had identified 55 092 cases of human infection with the new coronavirus, with the start of the outbreak, died 2805 people.

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