GP has identified numerous violations by the state program "Development of health"

Prosecutors have revealed numerous violations in the regions with the development of the budget for the purchase of medicines for patients with cardiovascular disease, the press service of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

The General Prosecutor's office organized verification of the execution of the regional authorities of the state program "Development of healthcare". In particular, it was tested to provide citizens with acute cardiovascular diseases, drugs for subsidies. In the regions listed more than 10.1 billion.

So, the delay in placing orders for the supply of medicines in the Arkhangelsk region led to the development of only 3.5 million rubles from the provided 84.9 million. In the end, drugs are not received more than 4.5 thousand people. First Deputy Governor – Chairman of the regional government made a representation.

The Prosecutor of the Vladimir region delivered the question of the responsibility of officials of the Department of health who did not take measures on providing with necessary medicines 6,9 thousand patients.

In addition, the Ministry of health of Mordovia at the time of the inspection, entered into only five contracts on 214 thousand rubles from the allocated 64 million.