The star of "cold case" was injured unloading a truck

Actress Victoria Tarasova, known for the TV series "Capercaillie", and damaged the shoulder joint, when he participated in the charitable action "Help children". She told about it to the edition "the Interlocutor".

"We come to a huge, semitones wagon with tomatoes for the kids. The movers have not arrived, so we decided to start to unload the truck on their own," — explained the artist.

Grabbing another box, Tarasova felt a strong pain, I decided that I pulled a muscle, but the pain did not pass, but only intensified.

MRI confirmed a torn tendon and severe inflammation. Now Tarasova is to have surgery.

The problem with bundles from Tarasova for the first time. A few years ago she accidently tripped on stage and hurt his leg. The doctors fixed the torn meniscus and anterior cross ligament. Then she also had to do the surgery.