Russia urged the United States to review its position on the CTBT

Moscow says the deterioration of the situation around the Treaty on comprehensive ban of nuclear tests (CTBT) and urged the eight countries that have not ratified the Treaty and, above all, the United States "to give the green light to" transform this document into a fully functioning international legal instrument, said in a statement the foreign Ministry.

30 June marks the 20th anniversary of Russia's ratification of the Treaty on the comprehensive test ban Treaty (CTBT).

As stressed in the Russian foreign Ministry, Russia since the ratification of the Treaty adheres strictly to their obligations under it, the promotion of the entry into force of the CTBT is one of the priorities of Russian foreign policy.

The Ministry drew attention to the fact that the most destructive position in this respect is the United States, which officially declared that do not intend to ratify the CTBT and pave the way for a possible resumption of nuclear testing.